17 March, 2017 Linda Rahim

The moment we got back from Dubai last October, we started thinking about destination: NEXT!

A new territory that we think suitable with our style and would give more impacts in terms of fascinations, building up new crowd, and of course; in the name of FASHION.

While scrolling down our inquiries box (which is full with new ones everyday – we love it!), we saw something from the heart of England. It’s from London! Not one, but a lot! That was a great start. We received an invitation from Pure London, a trade show that is held at Olympia, London and gathers thousands of fashion brands (from accessories to clothing) and been visited by more than 3000 international buyers. We were so excited reading their thoughts on their interest in bringing our brand to the event. So, we made plans, brought our stuffs and there we were; Olympia on Feb 12 until February 14. Beautiful venue, indeed.

The crowd has lined up as early as 7.00 A.M to crash in the event and visiting the exhibited brands.


As for Pure, we really glad with this first-time experience, we received more than thousand of visits and inquiries from retail and premium buyers in London. There were so many crowd attending our premium booth. We just glad that our first attempt to enter London’s trading world is very welcomed by the societies. Alhamdulillah.


Received a visit from Malaysian friends and VVIPs.

Getting ready for an interview with London’s media.


Moving on to the second call from London is the first ever London Modest Fashion Week, hosted by Haute-Elan.

First timer, but so strong. Why? Because the venue itself speaks the world; Saatchi Gallery. We’ve made a very proper preparation for the show, especially when we were allocated to do the opening for the Finale Slot. What an honour!

So, we presented our February 2017 runway edits collections; “The Unbreakable”. Consists of nine (9) looks, the collections speak about women empowerment, living in freedom, and finding inner-strength.

There were VVIPs and big media in London attending our show at LMFW, from BBC to Arabia Vogue, with additional of British fashion bloggers and influencer like Nabiilah Bee, Mariah Idrissi (H&M first Hijab Model), Dina Tokio, and more. To have these big names among the crowd (premium buyers from Galeries Lafayette, Harvey Nichols, Bloomingdale, and also our fanbase in London) who gave us standing ovations at the end of our show; that was just overwhelming.

We felt really honoured and we realised that London is another territory that we should take seriously. Soon after the show, we managed to sell lots of our creation and there were some of the crowd have to pre-order the designs they love since the demand was too high. We definitely will be coming back to UK to have these serious business deals.

Received phenomenal feedbacks from the rows soon after the show. 


The Unbreakable collections can be pre-ordered at by early mid April 2017.



LOOK 3 & 4

LOOK 5 & 6

LOOK 7 & 8


Here are some exclusive shots behind the stage.

Coordinator : The Cactus Agency

Make-Up: Illamasqua


International media friends are so passionate waiting for the show to start.

The crowd who have flooded over our booth in the exhibition hall long before we begin our show.

We are so happy with the supports we gained and received while in London. Definitely will be back whilst we are opening up the Earth map, and start marking new territory. London, see you again. Planet Earth; HELLO!